My life is an example of what can be achieved with a supportive family, a strong educational system, hard work, and perseverance. I believe in the optimism to fight for one’s beliefs, which are essential in any success story. My story is that of a family of immigrants. My grandfather, Nicolo Marsicano, immigrated from a small village in San Mauro La Brucca, Italy, was determined to come to America. He saw The United States as the land of opportunity, a place where he could realize his dreams and provide opportunities for his family. My mom worked in a garment factory. My dad was a plumber. They taught my sisters and me that a love of God, a devotion to family, and a love of country would be our ticket to a better life. It is these ideals that I have attempted to live by and demonstrate in my community throughout my life.


I had the good fortune to have my life impacted by caring and dedicated teachers who paved the way to my future. When I graduated from Hazleton High School in 1966 and enlisted in the Pennsylvania National Guard, I was prepared. In 1969, I received an honorable discharge with a rank of E-6 Sergeant Military Police, something that would pave my way to my future. In 1971, I entered the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in Hershey and was stationed at Troop L Reading. During my time with the Pennsylvania State Police, I became interested in aviation and eventually became a State Police helicopter pilot. I was honored to serve as a member of the security detail for Lieutenant Governor Ernie Kline. In 1981, I retired from the State Police and began to fly private helicopter and corporate jets. In 1984, I began a career with Continental Airlines, which would later become United. Throughout all of this, I have maintained my love for God and country, and have worked tirelessly to commit myself to public service. In 1990, I was elected to serve on the Hazleton City Council. In 1995, I was elected Mayor of the City of Hazleton, where I significantly increased our city's police department and held the record of ZERO felonies being committed during my entire tenure.


Since my time in elected office, I have had numerous business interests, including Marsicano Greenhouses, MLI: a licensed private investigating company, as well as MGS, an excavating heavy haul business. I have had the great fortune of personal and financial success, which now allows me to offer myself as a candidate for a seat in the United States Congress.


Mine is a story that can still be achieved. Mine is an American story: to strive, to work, to hope and to dream, but never the thought of surrendering in the face of adversity. While each of us faces hurdles in our lives, times of adversity and challenge, like this country, we work to persevere and move on.


I believe that we must fight for the American dream. We must strive to uphold the ideals the United States was founded upon, which are protected and defended every day by the servicemen and women of our country, who are the marrow of our nation.

I am seeking this office not because I seek political power, personal wealth or prestige, but because I believe that we can still preserve and pass on the ideals that have made our country great.


I believe with all my heart that fixing our broken system in Washington is worth the fight and so I choose to forego complacency and cynicism, and place myself before you, the people, for whom this office should serve. People, not politics, will always keep the American dream alive.

- Mike Marsicano