Liberal-Ally Jim Bognet

In February at a breakfast in Wilkes-Barre, Jim Bognet looked other candidates and me in the eye and said that this would be a positive ...

Governor Wolf Needs To Go.

The governor neglects to realize the abuse of power he has engaged in and the struggles of everyday working people, especially here in North

China: No Friend of The United States

In order to effectively take on China, we need to ensure that the American economy, and therefore the country, remain strong.

President Trump Wants The Economy Re-Open By Easter

In a virtual townhall from the White House earlier today, President Trump said that he wants the American economy to be up and running again

What We've Already Learned From COVID-19

With every passing day, it. seems more and more like our country is in the midst of a disaster. Today, President Trump said he is now...

Marsicano Wins Baseless Petition Challenge

Three weeks ago, Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District Mike Marsicano had his nomination petitions challenged by another

The Democrats Are Clueless On Immigration

"The Trump Administration knows how to handle the immigration crisis because he has produced results."

End The Rain Tax

Let me make this abundantly clear… nobody should be taxed for actions completely out of their hands. Recently, it seems like the...

Pelosi's Impeachment Sham

Yesterday, the Democrats sent their articles of impeachment to the Senate after a weeks-long delay.