Fighting The Opioid Crisis

As a guy who has lived in Northeast Pennsylvania his whole life, Mike has seen first hand the very tragic impact that the opioid crisis has had on our community: opioid-related deaths have risen by around 20% in the past several years in Pennsylvania. 


Mike applauds the work that the Trump Administration has done: overdose deaths dropped 5% between 2017 and 2018, and the number of opioid prescriptions have dropped by 30%. Mike also appreciates the work of the First Lady, Melania Trump, in fighting the opioid crisis. Mike will advocate for opioid-related legislation that supports the First Lady’s initiatives to educate our nation’s youth about the dangers of opioid addiction. 


The opioid crisis is in part an issue of law enforcement. Mike supports legislation to provide local police departments with increased resources to fight the opioid epidemic on a local level. Federal policies to fight the opioid crisis are necessary, but providing increased resources to local police departments will help to fight the problem directly at its front door. 


Since the opioid crisis is also a healthcare issue, it is one of Mike’s top priorities. Mike supports legislation that will continue to promote the use of non-addictive opioid alternatives so that patients receive the pain relief they deserve without a heightened risk of addiction.