Fighting The Pelosi Machine 

With every passing day, Nancy Pelosi and her shills in Congress are destroying any ounce of integrity that the House of Representatives had left. Whether it's supporting outrageous anti-life abortion laws, taking away our Second Amendment rights, or taxing us into oblivion, Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to the House Of Representatives. Our Congressman Matt Cartwright is the 6th-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, so who do you think he’s working for: You or The Pelosi Machine? Luckily, the people of Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District can do something huge to shake up the Pelosi Machine: kick Congressman Cartwright out of office. If elected, Mike will fight The Pelosi Machine from day one. 


If Nancy Pelosi remains the Speaker of the House, one of Mike’s first acts as Congressman will be to file a parliamentary resolution to “vacate the chair,” or remove Nancy Pelosi from the Speakership. This is a privileged resolution, meaning the House will be required to vote on the resolution immediately. The introduction of this resolution will show The Pelosi Machine that the people of Northeast Pennsylvania are fed up with her senseless abuses of power. 


If Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House after the 2020 Election, Mike will file a motion to censure Nancy Pelosi for her abuses of power. Censuring Nancy Pelosi would send a message to the whole Pelosi Machine that Northeast Pennsylvania, and the country, are fed up with Pelosi’s abuses of power.