Fixing Healthcare

Mike sees healthcare and healthcare costs as one of his top policy priorities. Mike also sees healthcare as an opportunity to work across the aisle with Democrats on bipartisan legislation, as the cost of healthcare is affecting people all across the United States. Working towards common solutions will also serve to help heal the toxic partisan divide currently present in The United States. 


Mike supports “The Lower Healthcare Costs Act”, which is a bipartisan piece of legislation currently being debated in Congress. This bill would prevent hospitals from engaging in anti-competitive practices, surprise medical billing, and tackle several other public health issues, including the Opioid Crisis. 


Mike will also write and support legislation that works to lower the healthcare costs of our region’s workers, especially those who work in the coal industry. Mike intends to join the Congressional Coal Caucus in order to promote this legislation for not just our region’s coal miners, but coal miners across The United States.

Mike also recognizes the challenges with Obamacare, and is committed to closing the "donut hole." He supports efforts to redesign Medicare Part D while protecting beneficiaries, restricting the role of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and lowering out-of-pocket costs.

Mike knows that every cent counts, especially for our American workers. That's why he plans on supporting legislation that caps out of pocket costs.