Securing Our Country

The United States is facing an immigration crisis like we have never seen. Every day, immigrants flood across our southern border and put an increased strain on our country’s most vulnerable people. Fortunately, President Trump has worked tirelessly to secure the southern border. Illegal crossings at the southern border are continuing to decrease thanks to the Trump Administration’s policies. 


In Congress, Mike will support President Trump and the Republicans’ efforts to secure the southern border using both physical structures and 21st-century surveillance technology. Mike supports the Border Security for America Act. This legislation, which provided increased federal resources to help fight the crisis at our southern border, has unfortunately not passed the House.  If elected, Mike will reintroduce this bill in the House for a vote and fight to ensure its passage. Mike also sees immigration as a national security issue, and supports the use of the United States Military to fight this crisis if it is deemed necessary by the Commander in Chief or the State Department. 


Mike recognizes that the Trump Administration has done a lot to fight ISIS and has seen massive success. In just the time that President Trump has been in office, ISIS has been virtually wiped off the map. Mike will continue to support the President’s foreign policy agenda of fighting terrorism, preventing rogue powers like Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and pressuring other members of NATO to pay their fair share to ensure collective security obligations can be met.