Labor & Infrastructure

Mike has worked his whole life, and started his first business at 18. Because of his experience in multiple sectors, Mike realizes the problems facing Northeast Pennsylvania’s coal miners and factory workers. Thanks to trade deals pushed by President Trump, jobs are returning to The United States and workers’ wages are rising. Yet, there is still work to be done. 


Mike will work to provide our region’s factory workers and coal miners with family sustaining wages. Factory work and mining are both hard work, and no one that works in these industries should have to work more than one job to provide for their family. Mike will also work with his colleagues in Congress to create legislation that will encourage people to start and grow businesses right here in the 8th Congressional District. 


Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District is above the national average when it comes to unemployment. Mike recognizes this, and also recognizes the fact that our state’s infrastructure is in rough shape. A quick drive down I-81 will prove to anyone just how rough a shape our infrastructure is in. In the rural parts of our districts, some of the roads are in really bad shape. Mike will support legislation that will improve our nation’s infrastructure and provide more funding to properly maintain I-81 and I-80, lifelines to our region’s industry. Mike will also make every effort to assist the people of Wayne and Pike Counties in their fight to fix their roads. Allocating funds to improve our region’s infrastructure is an investment, as it will provide countless jobs and increased industry to our region.