Northeast Pennsylvania Values

Mike was born and raised in Hazleton, so he has lived in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District his whole life. He understands that Northeast Pennsylvania values are not being represented by their Congressman, Matt Cartwright. Because he is the sixth-ranking member of the Democrats’ leadership in Congress, Cartwright’s loyalty lies with The Pelosi Machine, not the constituents of the 8th Congressional District. 


Mike doesn’t want to live in D.C. He has spent his whole life in Northeast Pennsylvania, and only feels the need to run because he can better serve the People of the 8th Congressional District than Congressman Cartwright. Because of his admiration for Northeast Pennsylvania, Mike plans to spend a lot of his time in the district, listening to the concerns of his constituents. To show his dedication to the people of the 8th Congressional District, Mike has the goal of spending as much time in the Congressional District as possible. He refuses to use a single cent of his Congressional salary towards the luxury DC apartments and condos that so many politicians rent. Mike does not want to be a career politician, and has taken a pledge to serve a maximum of three terms as Congressman.