• Mike Marsicano

End The Rain Tax

Updated: May 28, 2020

Let me make this abundantly clear… nobody should be taxed for actions completely out of their hands. Recently, it seems like the Washington bureaucrats, so caught up in partisan politics, forget that the hardworking men and women of the 8th Congressional District aren’t responsible for mother nature. I’m talking of course about the ridiculous “rain tax.” Not only has our current Congressman been silent on the issue, but we continue to be deceived by the absolute insanity of the tax altogether, while there are other sources of revenue that could bring in the same, if not more capital for the region. First, let’s talk about some background.

The ‘rain tax,’ formally known as a stormwater fee came about from a federally mandated regulation from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency to reduce potential pollution into the Chesapeake River. Let me spell this out in a different way – Washington bureaucrats developed senseless overregulation without a care given to the taxpayers. Even worse, what was originally thought to be a small fee is now costing residents almost $1000 for something they have no control over.

We understand the problem – we need to end the MS4 Rain Tax. The trouble we find though is that there are few in the elected arena with viable solutions. Firstly, this ties into a larger theme of my campaign – fighting against overregulation in Washington. If elected, I will fiercely advocate on behalf of residents to the Trump administration to abolish any type of environmental regulation whose burden relies on the residents’ opening up their coffer.

Second, I will work with state and local officials to propose an alternative to the MS4 Rain Tax, beginning with a federal program that allows counties to opt-out of the mandate, as well as pursuing federal grants to aid in the maintenance of this fee until a long-term solution is proposed.

We need to change the culture in Washington of pushing problems created by Washington bureaucrats onto the American people.

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