• Mike Marsicano

Governor Wolf Needs To Go.

Updated: May 28, 2020

On Monday, May 11, 2020, Governor Wolf took a tone unbecoming of a leader of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, calling small business owners and employees “cowardly” for expressing their interest to open up. The Governor neglects to realize the abuse of power he has engaged in and the struggles of everyday working people, especially here in Northeast Pennsylvania.

There is a central flaw in the Governor’s reopening plan, one that affects rural areas like Wayne and Pike County. Already, we are seeing the continued influx of residents from New York, New Jersey, and other states. Governor Wolf fails to foresee this reality when he uses unrealistic standards to allow counties to reopen.

The Governor’s office is plagued by even more issues. It seems as if Governor Wolf has invested more in protecting his own personal image than ensuring a

coordinated response. The Governor’s administration has repeatedly failed to accurately report test results, and has skewed testing results by including so-called ‘probable’ deaths in statewide reporting.

Our elected officials have not helped in the slightest. When Congressman Cartwright came to my hometown of Hazleton, an area ravaged by COVID-19 and arguably the worst affected area in the 8th Congressional District, he spent more time touting his DC insider committees and release of prisoners than demanding the accurate and comprehensive testing that is needed.

It’s very possible we may see a resurgence of COVID-19 cases this Fall. My solutions are simple. I don’t think the government needs to babysit the working men and women of Northeast Pennsylvania. That said, there are simple ways we can ensure a better response to COVID-19. First and foremost, we need to ensure that we have point of care diagnostic tests in our most affected areas. People’s loved ones shouldn’t have to wait 1-2 weeks to get a test result back.

Governor Wolf should spend more time listening to the residents of Northeast Pennsylvania than Governor Cuomo and Phil Murphy. When I’m elected to Congress, I’ll make sure that we have practical and quick solutions and never let our working men and women fall out of work due to reasons that are out of their hands.

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