• Mike Marsicano

Liberal-Ally Jim Bognet

In February at a breakfast in Wilkes-Barre, Jim Bognet looked me in the eye and said that this would be a positive campaign. Up until around a month ago, it was. But then, it must have become clear to Bognet that both his lack of record and absence from Northeast Pennsylvania for 20 years would be a devastating blow to his campaign. So, he took his campaign negative.

With the help of his family, friends on Wall Street, and associates in Washington, Bognet arranged the formation of a Super PAC, "Keep PA Great" to do his bidding. This was politically calculated by Bognet to make the PAC appear as though it is associated with President Trump, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Jim Bognet recently worked for The Glover Park Group, a consulting firm founded by Democrats from the Clinton Administration; Democrats who DESPISE President Trump. One of Bognet's associates at The Glover Park Group wrote an op-ed in 2019 comparing President Trump to dictator Kim Jong Un. Joe Lockhart, another associate of Bognet's at The Glover Park Group, wrote a rant-laced article for CNN calling for President Trump to resign the Office of the Presidency. There are many other employees of The Glover Park Group that either worked in The Clinton Administration or worked for Hillary's failed campaign in 2016. The Glover Park Group is close with the Clintons, so of course Bognet had to create a PAC to make it look like he had the support of President Trump, because there's no way in hell he would have ever gotten President Trump's actual support.

In his most recent libelous attack on my campaign, Bognet put out a TV ad saying that I supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 without evidence. It's obvious that Bognet released this ad to again divert from the truth: I voted for Donald Trump in 2016; he didn't even vote. The fact remains: Jim Bognet was employed by a group with ties and the support of the Clinton Family.

So now, Bognet wants to move back to the 8th Congressional District, after spending 20 years in Washington working with Clinton allies? Give me a break.

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