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Mike Marsicano Announces His Bid For Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District

HAZLE TOWNSHIP – Michael Marsicano, former Mayor of Hazleton, announced his bid for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional Seat in a 4-minute video released across social media on Thursday morning. In his video, Marsicano, a decorated state trooper and former airline pilot, discussed his vision to tackle Northeast Pennsylvania’s three biggest issues: the region’s economy, crime, and the opioid crisis. “Nancy Pelosi and her shills in Congress are attacking President Trump at every turn,” Marsicano said. He also criticized current Congressman Matt Cartwright, saying that “Matt Cartwright is the 6th highest ranking Democrat in Congress, so where do you think his loyalties lie?”

Marsicano ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination for the old Pennsylvania 11th Congressional District in 2016. He stated that he was “fed up” with partisan politics and made the switch to the Republican Party shortly after the 2016 presidential election. “I have always supported our President, and my opinions on the issues have not changed during the last few years. Like many other local and national officials, I made the choice to leave the radical Democratic Party because they have become out of touch with the values that make Northeast Pennsylvania so great.”

Marsicano identifies these values in his pitch to bring back family-sustaining jobs to Northeast Pennsylvania. “My first job was at the 40 Shaft on Cedar Street in Hazleton, so believe me, I know the value that coal has provided to this area. Northeast Pennsylvania fueled World War I and World War II.” Marsicano said that the “radical Democratic climate agenda threatens to devastate our local economy.”

Marsicano stressed that he is aware that he will have to work hard to earn the trust of voters. “This election is going to be about ideas, not the typical big money race that takes away from the message of a campaign.” Marsicano announced that while small donations are the future of fundraising, and will be graciously accepted, he intends to spend his own money in order to self-sustain his campaign operations. “The way I see it,” Marsicano stated, “I’m simply reinvesting the money that the Northeast PA community has helped me earn over the years.” Marsicano stated that he intends to place just over $500,000.00 in his committee account in the coming days.

Prior to his holding office as Mayor of Hazleton, where he was praised as a law and order mayor, Marsicano held a position with American Airlines as a commercial pilot. He also served a decorated career in the state police and as a member of the National Guard. “At the end of the day, it’s about one thing, the American people, the everyday worker that has been forgotten in recent years. If given the opportunity to serve again, I pledge to make sure the American worker’s voice is heard in Washington again.” Marsicano continues to emphasize his commitment to term limits, promising to serve no more than 3 terms, the equivalent of one senatorial term. Mr. Marsicano resides at his home in Hazle Township with his dog and campaign mascot, Lucky Marsicano.

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