• Mike Marsicano

Why I Switched: The Truth About The Democratic Party

Updated: May 18, 2020

When I was on the debate stage in 2016, I was asked frankly about my support for the presidential election. I made it abundantly clear that I did not endorse Hillary Clinton for President, nor express my endorsement for the platform put forward by Nancy Pelosi. Instead, I talked about the issues that affected Northeast Pennsylvania – our region’s struggling economy, the opioid crisis, and fair and equal representation. I ran against Lou Barletta in 2016 as a blue-dog, conservative Democrat because I truly yearned for fair representation in Washington. My positions have not changed since 2016 – the principles that I ran on and the issues that are at the forefront of my campaign are no different than they were in 2016.

Let me tell you my friends… the Democratic Party did not support my platform in 2016. I received no money from the Democratic Party. I was ignored by local and county parties and was universally touted as “out of touch” with the Democrats. In truth, it was the Party who was out of touch with me. My father was a blue-dog Kennedy Democrat, who can still hum that famous Kennedy jingle. My father never would have voted for the ‘squad,’ the openly partisan socialists who were elected in 2018. My friends, neither will I. There is not one person in the Democratic Party who could tell you that it has stayed the same over the past decade. It has rapidly shifted. Like thousands of voters across the 8th Congressional District, I recognized these changes and made the only reasonable choice.

When Donald Trump was elected, I heeded his words for the country to come together. The Democratic Party was no longer a party for the working man, the party of my mother and father, and the party of Northeast Pennsylvania values.

My partisan switch comes with at a time when many are leaving the party, from federal representatives like Congressman Jeff Van Drew to our very own State Senator Yudichak. I ask voters to look at my record, look at my passion for America, and to look at my experience and qualifications for my office.

I stand by the American people.

I stand by our President.

I stand by you.

When I switched parties, I was well aware of the questions and speculations that may arise. Throughout my campaign, I promise to be as transparent as possible, to continue to explain my positions, and earn the trust of the voters of the 8th Congressional District. I hope that this post is a small step in letting you, the voters, learn more about my decision.

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