Our Farmers & Rural Communities

The farmers and rural communities of the 8th Congressional District have been forgotten by Matt Cartwright. There are several issues faced by our hard-working farmers that seem easy to fix, but Congressman Cartwright doesn’t pick up the phone. Mike feels that the best way to help our farmers and rural communities is to actually listen to their concerns. 

Our farmers struggle to get their products to market due to a lack of proper infrastructure. Upgraded infrastructure would promote commercial agriculture activity for our farmers and  their families, especially in Wayne and Pike Counties. Industrial growth has also been stifled in the area due to the lack of proper infrastructure that inhibits industrial activity. Mike will support measures to allocate funding that will both provide maintenance and update the infrastructure in Wayne and Pike Counties to make them more conducive to commercial activity. 

People should be able to do what they want with their land, which is why I support the rights of people to frack. Fracking provides jobs and stimulates our rural economies, and continues to make America an energy superpower. 

Broadband accessibility is another issue facing our rural communities that affects our farmers in particular. 21st century agricultural equipment often requires internet access to function to its fullest capability, and our farmers often need to use this equipment to its highest potential to stay competitive in the markets. Mike will support measures to improve broadband accessibility to rural parts of Northeast Pennsylvania and the United States. 

The United States needs to have trade relationships that will benefit the American farmer. The recent passing of the USMCA will provide a boost for American farmers and rural communities thanks to the hard work of President Trump. Mike supports the work that President Trump has done on USMCA, and will support the President in his continued effort to combat the unfair trading practices of China. 

Another way to boost industrial activity and the economies of Wayne and Pike Counties is to fully utilize our great railroads. Rail is an efficient way to transport large quantities of agricultural and industrial products, yet it is not utilized to its fullest potential in the 8th Congressional District. When I am elected to Congress, I will advocate for the utilization and development of Northeast Pennsylvania’s railroads.