Growing Our Economy & Trade

Trade and the economy go hand-in-hand, and both are thriving because of the Trump Administration. President Trump and his team have worked tirelessly to improve the state of the American economy through new trade agreements and standing up to non-competitive practices from China and other nations. 


Mike enthusiastically supports the new United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA), which will create millions of jobs and bring industry back to the United States. The USMCA also cuts needless regulations on our nation’s coal industry, meaning we will produce more coal, and our coal miners will receive higher pay. Passing the USMCA will also give the United States more space for trade negotiations with China. 


Mike also supports President Trump’s fight against unfair trade practices perpetrated by China. Mike intends to work with President Trump to craft legislation for the House of Representatives to allow for increased bargaining strength against the Chinese government. Mike also supports legislation that will limit and end China’s practice of stealing American intellectual property, which undercuts American businesses. President Trump is strong, but he needs help from Congress. 

Trade is not just about the American worker today, but the future of industry in our nation. American entrepreneurs are recognized as being at the forefront of innovation. Mike is very clear in his belief that stealing innovation is nothing less than stealing the potential of our nation. That is why Mike supports efforts to combat intellectual property theft by foreign nations.