ProtectingThe Second Amendment

As a lifetime member of the NRA, Mike understands the importance of the Second Amendment. Mike realizes that the American people have a unique relationship with the principles of the Second Amendment, and will work to protect the Second Amendment in Congress at all costs. 

Mike realizes that often times, the Democrats who propose gun control legislation often live in cities with the highest crime rates, deeming them out of touch with how legal gun owners across the country live. Because of this, Mike refuses to vote for any legislation introduced by a member of Congress related to firearms and the Second Amendment who has not shown proficiency in the knowledge of firearms.  


There has been important work done in Congress and the Courts to preserve the Second Amendment. Much of this work has been done by the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, a group of Republicans in Congress working to fight Democrats trying to impede on our Second Amendment rights. Mike plans to work hand-in-hand with the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus to continue to promote and preserve our Second Amendment rights.